111 Castlereagh

111 Castlereagh

Customised modern heritage in the making

Architect: FJC Architects
Developer: CBUS Property
Location: Sydney CBD
Photography: Pablo Veiga

Our reputation in design and manufacturing expertise saw international architects FJC Studio seek out our team to help reimagine the sensitive redevelopment of this heritage mixed use office and residential tower. A new design was required to both reflect the heritage and marry the restoration of the tower development and the existing David Jones Menswear building in Sydney’s CBD.

FJC Studio’s design solution to incorporate the revival of the existing heritage building and the landmark high-rise, featured a distinctly organic appearance, clad with bronze metal façade. The design concept focused on “parabolic” and “flattened circle” shapes, characteristics which inspired and informed the customised bathware products. Working closely with the architects, designs were discussed, drawn and workshopped diligently by the Astra Walker engineering team, before prototyping in 3D print and brass forms.

Given the heritage nature of the project, Astra Walker also worked to develop a custom PVD colour finish. The result is an exact match to the exterior façade metalwork achieved with our in-house PVD plating facility, and now aptly named “Sydney Bronze”. The range of products designed, complete a full suite of kitchen, laundry, bathroom, basin and bath tapware, showers and shower mixers and accessories.

The sensitive outcome is the result of a committed collaboration and vision based on shared values and respect for heritage, tradition and quality design. Known for the physical quality as evidenced by the “weight in the hands” of our product, Astra Walker continues its legacy of precision, quality and timeless design while practising sustainable and socially responsible practises. 111 Castlereagh is due for completion in 2024.

Products shown:
Custom Sydney Bronze finish on custom tapware and fixtures

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