Design Ethos

Astra Walker is dedicated to designing timeless yet advanced bathware that is built to last. By steadfastly standing up for quality and mindful design over rapidly changing trends, we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to creating a legacy of quality, enduring bathware.

The design evolution of our products is intuitive, based on a considered combination of consumer feedback and needs, on learning from and building on the integrity of previous products, and by maintaining the highest level of technical innovation. This leads to the development of products that are not only discreet and adaptable but that are technically advanced, meeting the highest specifications and accreditations.

This is good design, design that is at once intuitive, innovative and elegantly restrained. This is timeless bathware that lasts for generations.


We are the market leader in premium tapware finishes and offer a broad range of PVD, Electroplated, and Living finishes. Advanced technologies such as PVD is undertaken in our Sydney workshop and sets the benchmark for durability, creating an exceptionally resilient surface. Our comprehensive finishes can be applied across all our architectural bathware products.

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Astra Walker is committed to designing enduring and timeless bathware. Our products minimise their impact on the environment by being useful for as long as possible. We believe that using durable materials and living with items that last longer is the best way to protect our planets natural resources.

As both designer and manufacturer with all products made locally, we strive to ensure that only the most durable materials are used, that parts remain accessible for years to come, and that eco-sustainable solutions underpin ongoing business practices.

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Our reputation in design and manufacturing expertise is built on the philosophy of delivering the highest quality products and services. Astra Walker can offer customisation to products and collections to suit specific project design and functionality requirements.

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Customisations include:

  • Custom collections – designs can be drawn and workshopped with Astra Walker’s engineering and production team, including prototyping and creating the brass forms.
  • Modifications of collections including product details, profiles, and silhouettes.
  • Modifications of product dimensions including spout lengths, ceiling shower dropper lengths.
  • Modifications of product performance to achieve a Green Star Rating, Basix compliance and WELL accreditation.
  • Monogram and custom engraving and symbols.
  • Custom finishes. Our in-house PVD finishing process allows for the customisation of finishes that are durable and can be applied across all our architectural bathware products.
  • Custom materials. We can work with stone to develop customised solutions to our Assemble and Spring collections.